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Lotties Period Underwear is an initiative to make the Dutch menstruation-market more comfortable and sustainable.

Menstruation underwear is reusable and replaces disposable products like tampons and pads.

Lotties Period Underwear are worn during the menstruation and easily absorbs fluids like blood, urine and discharge.

The menstruation underwear of Lotties is composed of several textile layers. An absorbent cotton layer, which guarantees good moisture absorption. The waterproof layer provides optimal protection. And the bamboo textile provides a fine fit.

Lotties Period Underwear wants womxn to have access to comfortable and reusable menstruation underwear. Underwear that makes you feel good and secure of protection.

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When you have your period you want to wear something that is comfortable. The Lotties briefs are for a big part made of bambootextile. This eco-friendly fabric is breathing, hypo-allergenic and soft as silk. Because of the elastane that is incorporated in the textile, the material moves comfortably with you and ensures a nice connection to the skin.

Period Underwear


Disposable tampons and sanitary towels create a lot of residual waste. Our waters in particular experience the disadvantages of this, unfortunately also known as the “plastic soup”. On average you use about 10.000 menstrual products
in your life (!). From an ecological point of view, reusable products are a more sustainable alternative. Are you already a lotties fan?



The Lotties briefs are made of sustainable materials like bambootextile or elastane. The impact on the environment during the production of bamboo is up to 80% less than with cotton. The cotton layer in the slip is necessary to ensure good moisture absorption.

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Disposable products seem cheap. A few $/€/£ for a pack of tampons, fine right? But as soon as you start adding up how much you consume per year and literally throw it away, that is disappointing. The lotties briefs last up to 10 hours a day, depending on your flow and model brief. On an annual basis, the lotties briefs will last two to three years with monthly use and proper maintenance. Wow!



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Behind the scenes

What goes on behind the scenes of Lotties and which faces take part in it? Find us below!


Vanuit een grote ergernis aan maandverband en tampons opzoek gegaan naar een duurzaam en comfortabeler alternatief.. en gevonden!

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Na het testen van Lotties Period Underwear zo enthousiast geworden dat ik heel graag mijn steentje bij wil dragen aan dit bedrijf.

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Enthousiasme is wat Lotties bij mij oproept! Mijn doel is om een positieve verandering in gang te zetten met mijn ontwerpen.

Digital Marketing

Met veel enthousiasme stort ik me op de digital marketing van duurzame merk Lotties Period!

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