Lotties Period Underwear for everyone with every size

Lotties Period Underwear for everyone with every size

Lotties Period Underwear stands for durability and comfort. But did you know that Lotties also stands for inclusivity and diversity? We think it’s very important that Lotties is available for everyone with a uterus. Lotties Period Underwear is therefore available in size XXS to XXL. Because why only have standard sizes if every body is different? In the end, the most important thing is that you feel good in your own body!

Not just for women

Menstruating goes beyond gender. There are transgender men who menstruate. And there are those who do not identify as 100% male or female, but were born with a uterus that causes them to menstruate. For many groups of transgender and nonbinary people, menstruating every month can be particularly unpleasant at times, as it may trigger feelings of gender dysphoria.

Gender dysphoria is a deep sense of unease about the gender you were born with. Your sex and gender identity don’t match. For example, you were born with the female gender, but you feel like a man. Of course, the strength of this feeling can vary from person to person. Lotties Period Underwear can provide less discomfort and more security.

Ultimately, it is important that people, regardless of their gender, can buy and use what they want without a male or female label being attached. Menstrual underwear is not just for women, but for everyone. After all, not everyone who menstruates is a woman.

Style has no size

Do you know that annoying feeling that you want to buy something but your size appears to be sold out? There are people who always carry this feeling with them because their size is not there at all. Because what if you have size XXS or XXL? Then many stores and webshops do not even offer your size. Sizes XS to XL are often referred to as the standard sizes. While more diverse sizes can be just as standard. Everyone has a different body, so a different size. At Lotties we think it is important that there is a diversity of sizes. It is important to be able to buy what you want without depending on the range of sizes. Edith Dohmen speaks on her platform about accepting and embracing your size and body. ‘Style has no size’.And with that statement Lotties Period fully agrees.

For young and old

Whether you are 10 years old or 50 years old, Lotties is there for every age. If you have your first period, menstrual underwear is a great product to use, because you do not have to insert anything and can wear “normal” underwear. Lotties Period Underwear has size XXS and can therefore be used from about 10 years. If you have just started your period, we understand that you may not want to shout this from the rooftops. Because Lotties looks like normal briefs from the outside, no one needs to know that you are on your period while changing.

In addition, because of the different absorbent layers in the underwear, you do not only have to use your Lotties during your period. The various layers also effortlessly absorb liquids such as vaginal discharge and urine loss.

Lotties catches everything

Our menstrual underwear is also available during your pregnancy and after your delivery. While you may think that many women experience postpartum incontinence, it can also occur during pregnancy, especially in the last few months. By wearing menstrual underwear you ensure that no accidents occur. Even after your delivery, it is nice to have silky soft briefs on. Your body has been through a lot during pregnancy and after delivery, so it needs rest to recover. Lotties contributes to this and ensures that you are comfortable and protected.

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