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How will Lotties ensure you of a comfortable day and night?

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Fris gevoel

Your menstruation is not the most comfortable time of the month. A fresh feeling down there can make all the difference, that’s why Lotties found a solution. The top layer of the briefs has a moisture wicking function. Blood, discharge and urine get absorbed in the bottom layer, ensuring a fresh feeling and comfortable rest of your day.

Absorberend & Antibacterieel

The second layer of the briefs is made of a double cotton layer. Cotton is naturally a very absorbing fabric. Check out the FLOW-chart to find out which Lotties model matches your flow. The antibacterial effect of the layer lasts up to 20 washes.


Worry no longer! Lotties third layer has a water resistant function. Leaking-nightmares are no more. Do make sure to change your briefs on time, the amount of times you need to do this depends on your flow and the type of model you’re wearing. For example, a thong will need to be changed more often than our high-waist model.


The fourth and outer layer of your Lotties is made of 90% bamboo textile and 10% spandex. Bamboo textile is breathing material, which will prevent your briefs from feeling uncomfortably hot. The spandex enhances the fit, making sure your briefs fit your body nicely.

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